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About the GreatPhillySchools Website

About the GreatPhillySchools Website

GreatPhillySchools is committed to providing families with helpful resources to find and compare schools in Philly. That’s why the GreatPhillySchools website is making it easier to learn about your education options in the city of brotherly love.

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Families can find the best information to make an educated decision about where to attend a great K-12 school, preschool and daycare in Philadelphia. We combined all the information into one, centralized place on greatphillyschools.org!

More User Friendly Information

To best serve the growing number of families visiting greatphillyschools.org, we improved what is most important to you! With increased functionality on the mobile and desktop versions, easily find out what you want to know about school options in Philly.

We've entirely designed school profiles to be more compact and organized. You can find the information at a glance in the Fast Facts section, such as contact information, application deadlines, transportation, location, cost and more in a centralized area along with up to 5 photos provided by the school. Want to learn more details about a school? Just scroll down to explore various tabs that show a school's admissions policy, safety measures, courses, programs and more! Student achievement results and school incidents are easy to understand with visual graphs and tables.

Better Search Features

The search feature, Find A School, allows families to search for all Philly K-12 schools, preschools, or day care options to find what meets their needs. Filters can be applied based on location, overall school rating, age or grade level, school type, specific courses offered, accreditation and more. Families searching for current mid-year availability can also find out which schools are still enrolling children through the “Open Seat” filter.

Available in Many Languages

To reach more families, the website is easily translated into over 8 languages commonly spoken in the Philadelphia area. Through Google Translate, families speaking Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Albanian, Khmer, French and Arabic are able to use the website in their preferred language.

Stay Connected Easily

Visit the redesigned Events page to meet with schools in person and find your great school! Learn all about citywide school fairs hosted by GreatPhillySchools, such as the Philly High School Fair and Philly K-8 School Fair. Also featured are individual events, provided by school leaders and early childhood directors, such as open houses and information sessions.

On the Resources page, community partners and school leaders can easily access and request all of the printed resources. As over 90,000 GreatPhillySchools in-print materials are distributed every year in Philadelphia, we also included centrally located digital versions of our printed resources!

More Information

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We hope you find the new website helpful!

The GreatPhillySchools Team