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2021 Preschool and Daycare Centers with Open Seats

Preschool and Daycare Centers with Open Seats

PreK enrollment is underway at centers throughout the City Use the list below to see which centers have open seats. Always verify seat availability with the school itself.

Find a center near you by searching by School Level: Preschools & Daycares and entering your zip code location.


PSP IDSchool Profile: School/Center NameSchool Profile: Zip CodeInfant Open SeatsToddler Open SeatsPre-K (3-4 years old) Open SeatsKindergarten Open SeatsDate Open Seats Updated
E18063Amazing Kidz Academy LLC North Broad Street19126192021-11-29
E13774Norris Square Childrens Center1912202021-11-29
E15728Childrens Playhouse Early Learning19148252021-11-29
E16470Amazing Kidz Academy LLC East Erie Avenue19134122021-11-29
E16125A Childs First Step II19126012021-11-29
E16173Zhang Sah Wissahickon1914462021-11-29
E16038Queen Lane Montessori School19144112021-11-29
E10201Community Concern 13-Marston Street Site1912122602021-11-29
E10809Early Childhood Environments LLC1914602021-11-29
E10862Kais Comfy Corner1914852021-11-29
E10869Your Childs World Learning Center1914922021-11-29
E10892Brightside Academy 6000 Castor19149172021-11-29
E10363Spring Garden Academy Spring Garden Street1913072021-11-29
E10413Prodigy Learning Center19132132021-11-29
E10953Beautiful Beginnings Childcare II1915212021-11-29
E16681Your Child And Mine Early Learning Center1913202021-11-29
E17726Memorable Moments Youth Dev Program1915052021-11-29
E15881The Learning Institute Of Philadelphia1915102021-11-29
E16229Olde City Day School1914522021-11-29
E16243Childrens Garden Child Care Center1912422021-11-29
E15818Brightside Academy 48th & Lancaster19131380302021-11-29
E15823Brightside Academy Mellon1910682021-11-29
E15855The Childrens Place Preschool1911112021-11-29
E17988Childrens Playhouse Newbold191454202021-11-29
E18062Ann Kids Palmetto1911102021-11-23
E18074Pearlwood Early Learning Center1913122021-11-23
E18079Lovie Lees Stars Of Tomorrow LLC1912612021-11-23
E12320Deborahs Little Shepherds Too1913902021-11-23
E12430Little Einsteins Early Learning LLC1914432021-11-23
E12437Brightside Academy Harrowgate1913412021-11-23
E17874Memorable Moments South 56th Street19143132021-11-23
E15715Apple Child Care Center1914922021-11-23
E16489Little Leaders Learning Academy 5633 Chester Avenue1914322021-11-23
E16517Learning Central Preschool19139202021-11-23
E16143Tots Yearn To Learn 58Th1914324102021-11-23
E10556T Y L 1119139102021-11-23
E10797Brightside Academy 25th & McKean1914592021-11-23
E10377Methodist Services-Educare Learning Center191310024102021-11-23
E15905Olympik Tots Early Learning Center1910721022021-11-23
E15912Sweet Dream And Fairy Tales Daycare1912902021-11-23
E15939Olde City Day School1914422021-11-23
E15845Young Scholars Daycare Center Inc1910442021-11-23
E17863Little Learners Literacy Academy South Broad Street1914822021-11-23
E10031Jubilee School1910402021-11-23
E13792Pee Wee Prep Educational Center Race Street191392502021-11-23
E18071Kereba English1911922021-11-16
E12434Brightside Academy Plaza1913332021-11-16
E12896Marys Munchkinland Day Care Center1913602002021-11-16
E13794Brightside Academy Van Pelt1912122021-11-16
E15759Past Your Bedtime Childcare Center LLC1915106002021-11-16
E17424Spring Garden Academy19140182021-11-16
E16029Seasons Child Development Center191110012021-11-16
E10034Brightside Academy 40th & Lancaster191041002021-11-16
E10048Childrens Village Inc191067142021-11-16
E17669Somerset Academy Early Learning Center19123410462021-11-16
E15739The Childrens Learning Institute1914302021-11-16
E15917Sun Bright Childcare & Learning Center191404416102021-11-16
E15921Little Einsteins Early Learning Center East Godfrey Avenue1912002021-11-16
E15948Memorable Moments Youth Development Program Inc1915082021-11-16
E15956Heavenly Made Creations191420012021-11-16
E16031Taylors Learning Academy Inc Holly Mall1910402021-11-16
E18159Cora Early Years Huntingdon Mills1912512021-11-16
E14004Smart Beginnings Early Learning1913132021-11-11
E15717Robins Nest Early Learning Center LLC1912102021-11-11
E17347Your Childs World Academy19142122021-11-11
E10027Wonderspring Powelton Village1910429102021-11-11
E11511Serena Spearman Family Child Care Home1914302021-11-11
E10746Brightside Academy Wayne & Chelten1914412021-11-11
E10775Dixon Day Care1914572021-11-11
E15826Irene A Oakley Champion Learning Center1914052021-11-11
E15865Little Legacy Learning Center West Girard Avenue1912312021-11-11
E16240Childrens Garden Academy Development Ctr1911902021-11-11
E15724Memorable Moments North 60th Street19151152021-11-01
E11557Inst for The Economic Dev of Children1914400002021-11-01
E10853Discovery Place For Little People1914802021-11-01
E10314Your Childs World Learning Center Inc1912602021-11-01
E15815Ann Kids Corp1911641002021-11-01
E15824Brightside Academy 54th & Media1913112021-11-01
E15864Little Einsteins Early Learning Center Cottman Avenue1914902021-11-01
E15874Heavenly Daycare And Learning Center Inc1912002502021-11-01
E16030Zhang Sah Bainbridge1914722021-11-01
E18275Bright Minds Bright Beginnings1913212021-11-01
E17829Bambinou Academy Center Inc1914402021-10-25
E17780Jitb Jrs Arrow At The Gate Childcare1911102021-10-25
E10824Western Community Center1914672021-10-25
E16654Exceptional Learning Academy II191432152021-10-25
E17713Young Bright Minds Daycare And Learning Center1915022021-10-25
E15935Greater Hope Christian Academy1914202021-10-25
E15834Latonta Godboldt FCCH191410202021-10-25
E17911Care To Learn Child Development Ctr1914345102021-10-25
E17902Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy191464502021-10-19
E18066The Childrens Place Preschool Longshore Avenue1913502021-10-19
E18073Memas Early Learning Center1912632021-10-19
E18131Bentz Family Child Care1915412021-10-19
E16100Amazing Kidz Academy1912402021-10-19
E16562Divine Treasures Childcare Inc1913802021-10-19
E16051Candys Kids Learning Academy LLC East Tioga Street191341402021-10-19
E10211Gpy-Child Readiness Center1912102021-10-19
E10228R W Brown Community Center19122082202021-10-19
E10231Drueding Center1912202021-10-19
E15924Yolandas Kids Corner Day Care Inc 31912002021-10-19
E15869Yolandas Kids Corner Day Care Center1914102021-10-19
E16189Cambodian Assoc Of Greater Phila So Ctr1914802021-10-19
E17872Creative Learning Environments Inc1913502021-10-05
E16001Erikas Learn And Play Childcare And Behavior Healt1912602021-10-05
E16019Changing The World Family Child Care LLC1912002021-10-05
E16058The Magic Years LLC1914412021-10-05
E10966Ymca Northeast Early Learning Center1915402021-10-05
E17685Learning Express Childcare Center1913442021-10-05
E15789Beanstalk LLC1914702021-10-05
E15816Rising Sun Childrens Center1912002021-10-05
E15852Bee Nees Babies Educational Lrng Ctr19130102021-10-05
E17784Little Learners Literacy Academy West Porter Street1914802021-10-05
E17417Destinys Children Early Learning Academy Inc191045582021-09-30
E13271Erica Bolger1914912021-09-27
E13773Apm Child Care Center1913302021-09-27
E15903Overbrook Little Learners1915100002021-09-27
E15829Johnson Child Care Center1914102021-09-27
E15729Masjidullah Early Childcare Academy1913802021-09-20
E17655Graced Early Learning Center1911102021-09-20
E11288Anna Mae Guille FCCH1913502021-09-20
E15898Sunshine Learning Academy 21913502021-09-20
E17830Divine Treasures Childcare1915102021-09-13
E17859Bustleton Learning Center1914902021-09-13
E16116Gan Chabad Inc1915212021-09-13
E17540Kinder Academy Oxford1912402021-09-13
E16775Xaviers Family Childcare LLC1910402021-09-13
E10039West Philadelphia Community Center1910402021-09-13
E10332Roxborough Ymca Early Learning Center1912802021-09-13
E15926New Arisens Childcare Solutions Whitaker Avenue1912002021-09-13
E15954Nicole Bamba FCCH1914932021-09-13
E15957Malaika Felts1912102021-09-13
E15779Gt Day Care1911600062021-09-13
E15813Bright Star Learning Academy LLC1911602021-09-13
E15831Tiny Tots Wonderland1914302021-09-13
E17883Tiny Tech Learning Lab LLC19138102021-09-01
E17516Early Foundations FCCH1912602021-09-01
E16171Divine Treasures Childcare Center Inc1915112021-09-01
E11575Spots For Tots Family Child Care Home1914402021-09-01
E15892Casa Del Carmen Family Center1914002021-09-01
E15790Spin Parkwood1915432021-09-01
E17667Beautiful Beginnings Childcare Center Inc1913602021-09-01