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Apply Philly Charter Participating Schools

Apply Philly Charter Participating Schools

On Apply Philly Charter families can apply to 77 participating schools using one simple application!

The application for the 2024-25 school year opens on September 22, 2023. The deadline to apply is January 22, 2024.

Check out the profiles and the full list of participating schools accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year below:

School/Center NameSchool TypeGrade SpanZip Code
Alliance for Progress Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819121
ASPIRA Antonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819140
ASPIRA Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819120
Belmont Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter NeighborhoodPre-K (3-4 years old)-K19104
Belmont Charter High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide9-1219104
Belmont Charter SchoolPublic Charter NeighborhoodPre-K (3-4 years old)-1219104
Deep Roots Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-619134
First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-1219124
Franklin Towne Charter High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide9-1219137
Global Leadership Academy Charter School (GLA)Public Charter CitywideK-819131
Global Leadership Academy Southwest at HueyPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-819143
Green Woods Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819128
Independence Charter School (ICS)Public Charter CitywideK-819146
Independence Charter School – West (ICS West)Public Charter CitywideK-819143
Inquiry Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywidePre-K (3-4 years old)-519104
Keystone Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819135
KIPP DuBois Collegiate AcademyPublic Charter Citywide9-1219131
KIPP North Philadelphia AcademyPublic Charter CitywideK-819132
KIPP Philadelphia Elementary AcademyPublic Charter CitywideK-419129
KIPP Philadelphia Octavius Catto Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-119139
KIPP Philadelphia Preparatory AcademyPublic Charter Citywide5-819132
KIPP West Philadelphia Elementary AcademyPublic Charter CitywideK-419131
KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide5-819143
Laboratory Charter School of Communication and Languages: Elementary School BuildingPublic Charter CitywideK-519140
Laboratory Charter School of Communication and Languages: Middle School BuildingPublic Charter Citywide6-819129
Lindley Academy Charter School at BirneyPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-819141
Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-1219124
Maritime Academy Charter: Elementary & Middle School CampusPublic Charter CitywideK-819137
Maritime Academy Charter: High School CampusPublic Charter Citywide9-1219125
MaST Community Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-1219116
MaST Community Charter School II: Lawncrest CampusPublic Charter CitywideK-219111
MaST Community Charter School II: Tacony CampusPublic Charter Citywide3-1219135
MaST Community Charter School IIIPublic Charter CitywideK-919154
Mastery Charter Gratz Prep Middle SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood7-819140
Mastery Charter School: Clymer ElementaryPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-619133
Mastery Charter School: Frederick Douglass ElementaryPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-819121
Mastery Charter School: Grover Cleveland CampusPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-819140
Mastery Charter School: Hardy Williams ElementaryPublic Charter CitywideK-619143
Mastery Charter School: Hardy Williams High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide7-1219143
Mastery Charter School: Harrity ElementaryPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-819143
Mastery Charter School: John Wister ElementaryPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-519144
Mastery Charter School: Lenfest CampusPublic Charter Citywide7-1219106
Mastery Charter School: Mann ElementaryPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-619131
Mastery Charter School: Pastorius-Richardson ElementaryPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-819138
Mastery Charter School: Pickett CampusPublic Charter Citywide6-1219144
Mastery Charter School: Shoemaker CampusPublic Charter Citywide7-1219131
Mastery Charter School: Simon Gratz High SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood9-1219140
Mastery Charter School: Smedley ElementaryPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-619124
Mastery Charter School: Thomas ElementaryPublic Charter CitywideK-619148
Mastery Charter School: Thomas High CampusPublic Charter Citywide7-1219148
Mastery Prep Elementary Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-519140
Memphis Street Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood5-819134
Multicultural Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide9-1219140
New Foundations Charter School: High School CampusPublic Charter Citywide9-1219136
New Foundations Charter School: K-8 CampusPublic Charter CitywideK-819136
Northwood Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819124
Pan American Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819133
People for People Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819130
Philadelphia E&T Charter High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide9-1219103
Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819129
Philadelphia Montessori Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-419142
Richard Allen Preparatory Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide5-819143
Russell Byers Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywidePre-K (3-4 years old)-819103
Russell Byers Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywidePre-K (3-4 years old)-819103
Southwest Leadership Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819142
Tacony Academy Charter Elementary SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819111
Tacony Academy Charter High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide9-1219135
The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences (A String Theory School)Public Charter NeighborhoodK-819124
Universal Alcorn Elementary SchoolPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-519146
Universal Alcorn Middle Years AcademyPublic Charter Neighborhood6-819146
Universal Audenried Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood9-1219145
Universal Creighton Charter SchoolPublic Charter NeighborhoodK-819120
Universal Institute Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819146
Universal Vare Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood5-819145
West Oak Lane Charter SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-819138
West Philadelphia Achievement Charter Elementary SchoolPublic Charter CitywideK-519151
Wissahickon Charter School: Awbury CampusPublic Charter CitywideK-819138
Wissahickon Charter School: Fernhill CampusPublic Charter CitywideK-819144
Young Scholars Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide6-819123