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Finding After-School Programs

Finding After-School Programs

Where Can I Find After-School Programs?

After-school programs are run by schools, libraries, churches and other organizations. Most operate between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. during the school week.

Why Are After-School Programs Important?

After-school programs keep young people engaged in safe, enriching supervised activities. Whether they focus on academics, arts, music or sports, after-school programs can have a significant positive impact on students’ performance both inside and outside the classroom.

How Can I Find a Program for My Child?

First, ask your child’s school leader or teacher — most schools have programs on site. Students in charter schools (and homeschooled students) are eligible to participate in activities at district schools if those activities are not offered at their own school.

The After School Activities Partnerships (ASAP) offers”http://www.phillyasap.org/” target=”_blank”>comprehensive search tool to programs in the city. The search function operates by keywords to show results that fit a specific interest. You can also request a paper copy of the guide by calling 215-545-2727.

Sample Programs

Mighty Writers teaches kids ages 7 to 17 “to think and write with clarity, so self-esteem grows and success is achieved at school, at work and in life.”

T”http://www.phillypal.com/” target=”_blank”>Police Athletic League offers sports (including basketball, dance, soccer and gymnastics) and educational activities (including homework clubs and a math challenge) at locations throughout the city.

The City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of sports, cultural opportunities and camps for kids throughout the city.

Students Run Philly Style is a running and leadership development program that challenges students 12 to 18 to be healthy, make safe choices and do well in school.

In the Urban Nutrition Initiative's Youth Development Program, West Philadelphia teens participate in paid internships related to nutrition education and urban agriculture.

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