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High Academic Growth Schools

High Academic Growth Schools

GreatPhillySchools school profiles include an Overall rating, as well as ratings in <“font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>Math, Reading, Science, School Incidents, and Attendance. High schools also receive a rating called College Bound. The ratings provide a snapshot of school performance in each category by comparing the school’s outcomes to other schools serving similar grade levels. Some school profiles also include a High Academic Growth Indicator.

What Does this Mean?

Schools with High Academic Growth Indicators have demonstrated impressive academic growth over a three year period in both math and reading, as measured by the Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System (PVAAS). The High Academic Growth Indicator will appear as an upward green arrow on our website. The green arrow will also appear in our high school and/or elementary and middle school print guides.

Our intention is to highlight Philadelphia schools that have shown significant academic improvement.

Schools With High Academic Growth Indicators

The schools listed below have demonstrated High Academic Growth in both math and reading as reported by the PVAAS.

Important Note are not considered ratings, and are not factored into a school’s Overall rating. 

Private, and Catholic schools do not receive PVAAS reports, therefore, they are ineligible for High Academic Growth Indicators.

To learn how High Academic Growth Indicators and our Overall ratings are calculated, read more about our methodology.

High Academic Growth Schools

School Profile: School/Center NameSchool TypeSchool Profile: AddressSchool Profile: Zip Code
Academy at PalumboPublic District Special Admit1100 Catharine Street19147
Alexander K. McClure SchoolPublic District Neighborhood600 West Hunting Park Avenue19140
Aloysius L. Fitzpatrick SchoolPublic District Neighborhood11061 Knights Road19154
AMY Northwest (Academy for the Middle Years)Public District Special Admit6000 Ridge Avenue19128
Andrew Hamilton SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5640 Spruce Street19139
Andrew J. Morrison SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5100 North 3rd Street19120
Andrew Jackson Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood1213 South 12th Street19147
Anne Frank Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood2000 Bowler Street19115
ASPIRA Antonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide4101 North American Street19140
ASPIRA John B. Stetson Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood3200 B Street19134
Benjamin Franklin Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5735 Rising Sun Avenue19120
Bridesburg SchoolPublic District Neighborhood2824 Jenks Street19137
C.C.A Baldi Middle SchoolPublic District Neighborhood8801 Verree Road19115
Central High SchoolPublic District Special Admit1700 West Olney Avenue19141
Charles W. Henry SchoolPublic District Neighborhood601 West Carpenter Lane19119
Christopher Columbus Charter School: North CampusPublic Charter Citywide916 Christian Street19147
Christopher Columbus Charter School: South CampusPublic Charter Citywide1242 South 13th Street19147
Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School (CAP)Public Charter Citywide1100 East Erie Avenue19124
D. Newlin Fell SchoolPublic District Neighborhood900 West Oregon Avenue19148
Dr. Tanner G. Duckrey SchoolPublic District Neighborhood1501 West Diamond Street19121
E.M. Stanton SchoolPublic District Neighborhood901 South 17th Street19146
Eliza B. Kirkbride Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood1501 South 7th Street19147
Esperanza Academy Charter Elementary SchoolPublic Charter Citywide3150 North Mascher Street19133
Esperanza Academy Charter High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide301 West Hunting Park Avenue19140
Esperanza Academy Charter Middle SchoolPublic Charter Citywide4261 North 5th Street19140
Feltonville Intermediate SchoolPublic District Neighborhood238 East Wyoming Avenue19120
Feltonville School of Arts and SciencesPublic District Neighborhood210 East Courtland Street19120
Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide1023 Callowhill Street19123
Francis Hopkinson SchoolPublic District Neighborhood4001 L Street19124
Francis Scott Key SchoolPublic District Neighborhood2230 South 8th Street19148
Franklin Towne Charter Elementary SchoolPublic Charter Citywide4259 Richmond Street19137
Franklin Towne Charter High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide5301 Tacony Street19137
Freire Charter Middle SchoolPublic Charter Citywide1026 Market Street19107
General George A. McCall Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood325 South 7th Street19106
George W. Nebinger SchoolPublic District Neighborhood601 Carpenter Street19147
George W. Sharswood Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood2300 South 2nd Street19148
George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and SciencePublic District Special Admit1600 West Norris Street19121
Gilbert Spruance Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood6401 Horrocks Street19149
Henry C. Lea Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood4700 Locust Street19139
Hon. Luis Muñoz Marin Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood3300 North 3rd Street19140
J.H. Brown Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood3600 Stanwood Street19136
J. Hampton Moore SchoolPublic District Neighborhood6900 Summerdale Avenue19111
John F. Hartranft SchoolPublic District Neighborhood720 West Cumberland Street19133
John H. Taggart SchoolPublic District Neighborhood400 West Porter Street19148
John H. Webster Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood3400 Frankford Avenue19134
John Hancock Demonstration Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood3700 Morrell Avenue19114
John Hancock Demonstration Middle School-Gen. J. Harry LaBrum CampusPublic District Neighborhood10800 Hawley Road19154
John Moffet Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood127 West Oxford Street19122
Joseph J. Greenberg Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood600 Sharon Lane19115
Julia Ward Howe Academics Plus SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5800 North 13th Street19141
Juniata Park AcademyPublic District Neighborhood801 East Hunting Park Avenue19124
Keystone Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide4521 Longshore Avenue19135
KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide5900 Baltimore Avenue19143
Laura H. Carnell SchoolPublic District Neighborhood1100 Devereaux Avenue19111
Lindley Academy Charter School at BirneyPublic Charter Neighborhood900 Lindley Avenue19141
Louis H. Farrell SchoolPublic District Neighborhood8300 Castor Avenue19152
Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide1840 Torresdale Avenue19124
Mastery Charter Gratz Prep Middle SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood1798 West Hunting Park Avenue19140
Mastery Charter School: Frederick Douglass ElementaryPublic Charter Neighborhood2118 West Norris Street19121
Mastery Charter School: Grover Cleveland CampusPublic Charter Neighborhood3701 North 19th Street19140
Mastery Charter School: Hardy Williams ElementaryPublic Charter Citywide5400 Warrington Avenue19143
Mastery Charter School: Hardy Williams High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide5400 Warrington Avenue19143
Mastery Charter School: Harrity ElementaryPublic Charter Neighborhood5601 Christian Street19143
Mastery Charter School: Pastorius-Richardson ElementaryPublic Charter Neighborhood5650 Sprague Street19138
Mastery Charter School: Thomas ElementaryPublic Charter Citywide814 Bigler Street19148
Memphis Street Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood2950 Memphis Street19134
Middle Years Alternative School for the HumanitiesPublic District Citywide4725 Fairmount Avenue19139
Multicultural Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide3821 North Broad Street19140
Olney Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5301 North Water Street19120
Overbrook Educational CenterPublic District Citywide6722 Lansdowne Avenue19151
Pan American Academy Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide2830 North American Street19133
Parkway Center City Middle CollegePublic District Special Admit540 North 13th Street19123
Paul L. Dunbar Promise AcademyPublic District Neighborhood1750 North 12th Street19122
Paul Robeson High School for Human ServicesPublic District Citywide4125 Ludlow Street19104
Penn Alexander SchoolPublic District Neighborhood4209 Spruce Street19104
Philadelphia Academy Charter School (ES)Public Charter Citywide11000 Roosevelt Boulevard19116
Philadelphia E&T Charter High SchoolPublic Charter Citywide1420-22 Chestnut Street19102
Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School (East & West Campuses)Public Charter Citywide2600 South Broad Street19148
Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School (Vine Street Campus)Public Charter Citywide1600 Vine Street19102
Potter-Thomas Promise AcademyPublic District Neighborhood3001 North 6th Street19133
Richard R. Wright SchoolPublic District Neighborhood2201 North 28th Street19132
Robert B. Pollock Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood2875 Welsh Road19152
S. Weir Mitchell Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5500 Kingsessing Avenue19143
Samuel Gompers Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5701 Wynnefield Avenue19131
Shawmont SchoolPublic District Neighborhood535 Shawmont Avenue19128
Southwark SchoolPublic District Neighborhood1835 South 9th Street19148
Stephen Decatur Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood3500 Academy Road19154
Tacony Academy Charter Elementary SchoolPublic Charter Citywide1330 Rhawn Street19111
Thomas G. Morton SchoolPublic District Neighborhood2501 South 63rd Street19142
Thomas Holme Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood9125 Academy Road19114
Thomas K. Finletter Academic Plus SchoolPublic District Neighborhood6101 North Front Street19120
Thurgood Marshall SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5120 North 6th Street19120
Tilden Middle SchoolPublic District Neighborhood6601 Elmwood Avenue19142
Universal Alcorn Elementary SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood3200 Dickinson Street19146
Universal Alcorn Middle Years AcademyPublic Charter Neighborhood3200 Dickinson Street19146
Universal Bluford Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood5720 Media Street19131
Universal Creighton Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood5401 Tabor Avenue19120
Universal Institute Charter SchoolPublic Charter Citywide1415 Catherine Street19146
Universal Vare Charter SchoolPublic Charter Neighborhood2100 South 24th Street19145
Vare-Washington SchoolPublic District Neighborhood1198 South 5th Street19147
W. C. Longstreth SchoolPublic District Neighborhood5700 Willows Avenue19143
William H. Loesche Elementary SchoolPublic District Neighborhood595 Tomlinson Road19116