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Understanding Community Schools

Understanding Community Schools

Community schools are schools that bring in helpful services from the neighborhood community into the school community. These schools help students and their communities with supports to make school life easier. A student could go to a community school for help with healthcare or financial services. Essentially community schools are neighborhood schools that have programs their neighborhoods ask for.

Each community school has a staff member working full-time to listen to students, parents, teachers, and neighbors on what they need. The services offered differ based on the needs of the local neighborhood. Some services may include:

  • Healthcare
  • After-school programs
  • Job training
  • Food pantries
  • Eye exams

Over the next 5 years, Philadelphia plans to invest around $40 million to turn 25 existing public schools into community schools. The central goal is to provide needed programs more accessible to communities and to build strong schools for children, their families, and neighbors. The benefits of a community school help to:

  • Build stronger schools and communities
  • Improve living and learning conditions
  • Increase school attendance
  • Support community health

It is up to you or your student to decide if community schools are a good fit. If you are interested in a community school, contact the school directly to schedule a visit.

Below is a list of all the community schools in Philadelphia. Click on the school name for their profile with the school’s address, grades, and more.

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